Culture Craft is a vessel for the Centre of Ethnicity and Racism Studies at the University of Leeds. The purpose of this blog attempts to craft a series of interventions to disrupt the dominant ways of thinking about issues such as politics, culture and racism which have come to shape the world we live in today. In this language game a space is opened up for the possibility of building upon knowledge, as well as interrogating ideas which have become instituted in the landscape of our contemporary social fabric. We offer an alternative script that rewrites, and the same time unsettles, the standard objectives and convictions that continue to colonise our minds, our beliefs and our philosophies.

The end of the Cold War and the continuation of the ‘war on terror’ have perpetuated a crisis of religion, culture and the hierarchy between the west and the non-west. This has meant that the conventional verities of Left and Right, of metropole and periphery, and of culture and politics are no longer adequate to orient individuals and collective projects. In the horizon opened up by the postcolonial condition, a struggle for recolonisation and decolonisation is taking place under various guises. The forlorn quest by the hegemonic forces for colonial solutions for postcolonial problems dooms all of us to a world of violent and unrelenting injustices, the Culture Craft provides a means of transversing these stormy seas.

Culture Craft is constructed to generate debates, discussions and interventions around the current issues in the context of the postcolonial condition. Commentary, reviews, articles, short-think pieces and audio-visual texts are welcome. Unsolicited material is reviewed by CERS editorial board prior to publication.










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Disclaimer: The views on this blog reflect those of the individual contributors and not CERS or Culture Craft itself

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